Make-up Factory’s Mat Lip Fluid

Hello, you beautiful people out there.

Today I’m reviewing some liquid lipsticks for you. I love liquid lipsticks and I love it, when they’re drying down to a matte finish. And these beauties right here, from Make-up factory are my newest addition to my little lipstick family.


Here we have three special cuties. Soft Raspberry, Ultra Pink and Violet Mauve are their names. I stumbled across makeup factory in my local drugstore, actually a year ago, but totally forgot I purchased a lipstick from them. So I stood there, looking for some new makeup and was drawn to these intense pink (Believe me, the picture doesn’t do it’s justice) and purchased the Ultra Pink Mat Lip Fluid for 12,95 €.

I was impressed with the color – it’s pretty intense, kinda blue toned in some lighting. I wore it to some different occasions with different looks and I liked the outcome. So I went and purchased a couple weeks later (after 30-40 minutes of swatching and driving my boyfriend insane with tons of questions) Soft Raspberry and Violet Mauve.

To be honest, they are kinda hard to apply, I think the formula could be a little smoother. They seem to be pretty sheer, so to get a full coverage you have to layer it 2-4 times, but the good thing about them is, that you actually can layer them, without them getting chunky our drying out extremely crusty.


In the swatch comparison you can see, that the colors look like they appear in the bottles. And while layering them over my ink, you can see how pigmented they are. I think the pink one looks even nicer in real life. They dry down matte, but they do not feel drying which I love, because my lips are dry on their own and need special care in this department.

Make-up factory claims, that this lip fluid is longlasting and it really is. I only need some minor touchups throughout the day and they stay pretty much in place while eating or kissing – you’ll not be left with some ugly stains around your mouth. But they tend to stain your lips a little, so keep that in mind, if that’s something that’s bothering you. I remove them with my regular makeup wipes, but especially the pink one is hard to get rid off. Decide yourself, whether you like it or not. I actually don’t mind. Oh and the pink one smells kinda like watermelons! I love that!

They are not very outrageous with the color range you can pick from, Ultra Pink seems to be the exotic one in this line. Along with these three I purchased they have 7 more to choose from. I wished the colors would be a little more daring and wider in range. But I think I’m going to purchase a couple more, because they are lovely for everyday looks. So go ahead and try them out! 😉

Is it really worth it? – NYX Slide on eye liner

This time I’m going to review the NYX eye liners. But not just any liner. Let me quickly type down the name, which is so freakin‘ long… Okay are you ready? Are you? Here it is:

„NYX slide on, glide on, stay on & definitely a turn on waterproof, extreme shine eye liner (This eye liner is so good, the name had to be this long)“

This was an exact quote of the name, written on each of these liners. Pretty bold to pull of such a statement NYX. The question is, is this eye liner really that good or is it just a scam? I’ve purchased them, I’ve tried them in a couple of looks and here you are, you beautiful people – a review served by me.


I myself purchased these four shades, mentioned from top to bottom:

SL 18 Glitzy Gold

SL 12 Azure 

SL 03 Pretty Violet 

SL 09 Tropical Green

I believe there are 16 shades in total, each one of them retails for 5,99 € / 8,00 $ – depending on where from you are purchasing it. NYX itself is very affordable, cruelty-free and in my opinion a pretty darn good brand.

The liner itself is very creamy and buttery, the appliance is easy and quick – but (!!!) if you want to do precise work with them the liner has to be sharpen first. The tip wears down pretty quick, so you have to sharpen it more often than other liners. The four shades I got are all mixed with glitter, so if you’re not into this, I wouldn’t recommend buying it. But then again, the liner itself is entitled as ‚extreme shine‘, so you gotta have to expect it anyway – so don’t act surprise!


As you can see in the swatch picture, the gold and the green are so pigmented, it’s insane. This is just one layer, so you can see, he pigmentation is there. The blue one is a little sheer and the violet one is patchy. You can layer them as often as you like, so there’s no problem it that but keep in mind, that you can’t really blend them out. I use them often in my makeup looks and they do stay on really long. For instance, I cleaned after I did the swatches my bathroom and had water and cleanser all over my hand and they were still on there. Not as intense as it was before, obviously, but still it’s there. And as I’m sitting here, writing this entry (I believe five hours after swatching them) they are still in place. I even tried smearing them but all my effort did, was spreading the glitter over my hand, which I don’t mind at all, since you can bath me in glitter and I would be the happiest girl on earth.

So would I recommend buying these liners? I do, I really do! They are affordable, look good and stay on – I guess the long kick ass name does pay off. I’m going to purchase at least 3 more shades.

Grunge me up


If asked, what comes to your mind when hearing the words „grunge“, a lot of people are going to drop things like: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, dirty, angry, frustrated, acting like you don’t care (though you probably do), cynical outlooks, resisting the urge to follow every trend there is and you could lead this list on and on.

But Grunge isn’t just a view on life, music or attitude – it became a fashion statement. Everyone, simply everyone out there knows the oversized flannel shirts, band tee’s, ripped jeans, boots, beanie looks. We’ve been there, we’ve seen it, we probably do it ourself. I am for sure, though I’m not adjusting my whole wardrobe to grunge. My grunge commitment is rather placed in the makeup department. I love me some grungy makeup.

Wait?… Grungy makeup? What does that mean? Well hello there, I got you! I’m going to tell you a few things about my favorite way to paint on my face. Just to be clear, it may not be the things everyone consider as grunge and some may have different opinions on that subject, which I do appreciate and respect, so please do respect my. And here you go with my little grungy twist.

First of all! Try to avoid looking super tan. It helps looking a little fairy – and believe me, I got this covered in a very special way. 😀

Grungy makeup tend to be in darker colors around the eyes, but in a dirty way – forget your classic smokey eyes – smudge the dark reds, maroons, browns or some blacks around your eyes. Dare yourself to drag it down. It has to look like you didn’t sleep the whole night. Don’t forget the black eyeliner – pack it on! But try to avoid a heavy wing. It’s not about glitter, not about shine. Try to keep the eyes matt.

The thing with the eyebrows… You can keep your brows unplucked, natural and undone but I do not like this option to be honest. Back in the 90s everyone had this thin brows, plugged to death – I got them myself for a long time. But in times with all these Cara Delevingne brows and the Instagram brows filling our screens day by day no one seems to like them anymore. And I do not like them myself. What were we thinking back then? Why did we do this to our faces? I don’t know anymore. Well bak to the brows. I like to fill in my brows, for I have very light, small brows which look ridiculous with any makeup look.

For lips pick up some of the darkest shades you have. If you do not wish to take such a huge risk, try your darkest nude color. I prefer dark, deep reds or browns. Some pick up a black lipstick, but since I’m wearing the grungy makeup on a daily basis almost, I pick something more suitable for work and life. But you do your thing, go ahead. Dirty red shades work perfectly fine as well. Nothing too shiny, nothing to pretty and clean please

Some say the grunge makeup may look a little sickening and the people look like they’re on crack or haven’t slept in days. This may be true, if you’re not careful in applying. I guess the things you see these days in grunge makeup and what I myself prefer is called the ‚modern grunge‘. It has these grungy vibes, but looks cleaner, without looking too clean – if you know what I mean 😉

This may not work for everyone out there, which I do get. But dare yourself and try it out. I’d love to hear your opinion about grungy makeup, so feel free to leave a comment down below.



The POREfessional


Benefit Cosmetics really changed my makeup-game and I quickly fell in love with this makeup brand. I life and breathe for the „Hola Bronzer“ and the „Roller Lash“ – I use them on a daily basis and was never disappointed. And as I saw everyone talking about the Porefessional and how it works magic I had to try it. I just had to!

The thing with primers is, that I do not really like them that much. I don’t like the consistency and the feeling and finish the most of them leave on my skin. But I definitely need them, because I have a bad skin. I break out very quickly, if using the wrong products and am having a very sensitive, dry skin with some big ass pores. So yeah, a product which minimizes my pores comes in quiet handy and is necessary.

I’ve heard some mixed reviews about this primer. Some really swore it made their pores disappear and some said that this primer is so overrated and does nothing at all. But makeup products are tricky. I personally think you have to try the things for yourself, because everyone is different and for some people the most hyped things just don’t work and others do. So clearly I got one.

I found this small tube to be quiet expensive – I paid 34 € for 22 ml (0.75 oz). The packaging is cute, there’s no doubt. Almost all the Benefit products come in a retro packaging and so those this. I loved the idea that it was packed and advertised like some kind of superhero. The primer itself is nude and has a pasty consistency. There are a lot of primers out there with a milky consistency, but this one is just like a paste. Therefore I find it harder to spread over your face. You have to tap it on your skin with your fingers, which I do not really like. I wished it was easier to apply, because the whole tapping things costs me so much time. The nude tone of the primer melts with your skin, so you can’t see it after applying. But if you did not tap it in properly and you’re swiping across your face the leftovers of this primer crumble and you have shreds of primer across your face and then you have to remove them first before applying anything else. Definitely a downside. After using the primer you can put on your makeup as usual.

So I tried this primer a couple of times and I have to admit, I do not like it that much. It does minimize my pores a tiny bit, but I expected more. My skin isn’t softer of smoother and my makeup didn’t last longer with the primer. I tested it on well hydrated skin, on different occasions but result was always the same. Maybe if your skin isn’t as problematic as mine the results are more pleasing. But I wouldn’t purchase it again. I’m going to use it up, because it would be a pity to just throw it away, but this won’t be my number one go to primer. I love Benefit, I really do, but this product just didn’t work for me in a way a high end product should work for me.

Blend or Brush?

Remember the 90’s, when you applied most of your makeup with your fingers and sometimes with the spongy thing your eyeshadow pallets provided you? I know you do, cause I clearly remember it, like it was yesterday. There were not that many options in applying makeup… my freaking fingers were my beauty blender and brush, all in once. And it came so pricey… I mean hello? You were born with your supplies. But thank god, that times are over and makeup world provides us with so many options to look flawless every day.

And today I want to introduce you to my go to products, when it comes to put on my face:15170811_1133703583380088_3429064999312975702_n-2

Here we have my Zoeva 125 Strippling Brush (14,50 €) and my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (around 6 €). Okay, my beauty blender has seen better days, I know. I need to get a new one 😀

I first tried the Zoeva Brush for applying my foundation and it does a very good job in spreading it over the face. I feel like its picking up a lot of product, and that I need slightly more, when using the brush over the blender and you really have to tap, instead of brushing to provide the brush streaks across your face. But it gives a nice finish and was my go to for a long time.

But then… Oh my god, I discovered the holy grail of applying makeup. I did not purchased the original Beauty Blender because it was to pricey in my opinion. I didn’t want to spend 20 €, so I tried some of the drugstore products and the once I could get a grip on in my local drug store disappointed me to be honest. They soaked the foundation in and left me with a patchy finish. And then I ran across these Real Techniques one and I was skeptical, because they aren’t that expensive and I never heard of them before, but I thought I give it a try. I mean, what the hell right? 6 € isn’t that much to spend on it. And really for this price point I must admit, it is the bomb! I love the finish it gives me, they are easy to clean and do what they are supposed to. And I like the shape. The flat end is perfect for spreading the foundation and the small tip end is perfect for under your eyes. They are perfect for baking as well, so I really recommend these. I do not have the comparison with the original Beauty Blender and I am planing to get myself one, just to get a clue if it’s worth the hype and because I really am curious if there is a difference to the Real Techniques one.

Overall I like both ways to apply makeup, but I am more drawn to use the beauty blender, because the finish is nicer in my opinion and it’s much more versatile.

Lash Out

For those of you, who are blessed with beautiful,curved, long lashes… Good for you and I probably hate you a little bit… No, I’m just kidding. I’m happy for you aaaand a little jealous, there’s no lying about it.

I do have normal lashes, they’re not very long or extremely curved and they are so light, without mascara I look like I do not have any at all. And there is nothing wrong with that, but we all love these luscious lashes… At least the women out there. I’ve experienced, that  man tend to like it more natural and hate falses (when they know your lashes are fake). My boyfriend for example hates it, when I’m putting on my fake lashes.

So for so many years I only used mascara on my lashes, sometimes a lash curler, but mostly mascara. And I tortured the shit out of them. I used 3 different mascaras to achieve a look I somehow liked with my lashes. First I had to put on a coat of my L’Oréal Paris False Lash Superstars – I loved the white coat, really! It made my lashes longer and kinda thicker. And then I put on a coat of the L’Oréal Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara and topped that with a Coat wit the L’Oréal Mega Volume Collagen 24h. Quite a procedure to be honest and the result wasn’t as pleasing as I wished it would be. But I found my lashes way too small to create beautiful makeup looks.

A few months ago I switched to be Benefit Roller Lash, everyone’s raving about. And I was very pleased with it. It does part my lashes nicely, and they seem kinda curled and longer. But that was not was I was looking for…. I want them big, bold lashes!

So I tried it… I really dig into fake lashes and bought two pairs of falses, although I tried them once as a teen and hated them, mostly because I was to stupid to apply them. And so I looked up what these amazing beauty gurus on youtube tend to do, to make them stick to your stupid eyeball and one of my favorite youtuber Mykie (Glam and Gore Youtube Channel) explained it so freakishly good, that even I felt confident to glue me some lashes on. It was a tough cookie to be honest. The first time the freaking lash glue got all over my hands and everything I touched got attached to me (yay… at least this time :D). But I tried, and tried, and tried, and tried and tried… and they looked amazing! I fell in love. It’s like I’ve seen the holy grail on my freaking face. Everything I knew was erased, because only this mattered: My eyes looked so good with this freaking lashes!!!

But I hate putting them on. I wish there was a magical way of making them stick to my face without all the struggle. I’m getting better at it, don’t get me wrong, but this stupid fumbling around my eyeball makes me uncomfortable. And sometimes the lash glue won’t stick around the inner corner of my eyes – I’ve tried trimming them, I’ve tried bending them, while letting the lash glue get tacky… but sometimes these stupid things won’t last… I mean why? That’s just not fair. I’m seeing all these beautiful pictures of beauty gurus and I am really wondering if they are experiencing troubles applying fake lashes as us normal human beings sometimes? It would be such a comfort to know they are ;D

And my final question is? Do we need to put ourself through this struggle? Do we need to glue on some fake hair, when we do have our own? Okay, clearly not! But once you started, it’s hard to quit (oh god, I sound like an addict…). I believe that eye makeup looks so much better with some good lashes. They compliment our looks, they can change a whole style and you can change it, daily. That’s something I really like. I’ve thought about getting lash extensions like my sister did or some of my colleagues at work. But after hearing and witnessing how their lashes fall out when it’s time to fill them in again and even pulling parts of eyelashes from their clothes myself I don’t think it’s very appealing – at least not for me. I find it easier to glue me some lashes on, and just remove them when I’m feeling like it. And there are so many beautiful options out there to create some magical looks. So yes.. I am a lash addict!



•Lime Crime Velvetines – Love?•


To be honest, I never heard of Lime Crime before watching one of Melanie Martinez‘ Video for ‚Carousel‘. For those of you, who did not watch it, please go check it out! It really is freakishly good!

Well back to topic. I was drawn to this faded, lilacy, grayish color and googled ‚Melanie Martinez lipstick‘ and this lead me to the web page of Lime Crime ( I was stunned. The colors they provide where somehow unreal. There were these beautiful red shades, some pinks but also some shades more unusual, like black, blues and gray, deep browns and lilac shades. I also took a look at their Instagram page(Lime Crime Instagram) and I guess I looked through a couple hundred pics before going back to their site. And there I was loosing it…. How do you choose from so much beauty? I guess I spent at least 50 minutes skipping through different shades, trying to picture myself with all these colors…

But I did make a decision and ordered my first 3 shades:

‚Beet it‘ – a deep berry pink

‚Wicked‘- a deep red – that’s the one you can see on the pic above

‚Polly‘ – a pink mauve

I payed 20 $ for each plus shipping, which comes with 10,95 $ extra, since the company’s located in the USA and I’m living in Germany. On the price point may seem a bit high for some people, but these days you pay for almost every liquid to matt lipstick round about 20 $. It may seem a bit risky ordering for 60 $ if you do not know how the product works and if you’d like it, but I took the risk.

I payed via paypal – fast, uncomplicated.

Lime Crime sent my order on it’s way to me, the next day – I could track my order at every time online, which I did enjoy. The delivery came after 5 days, without any complications.

Unpacking was quite an experience for itself. The box in which the products arrive is plain white, unnoticeable at first, but when you open up – boom! – the unicorn madness hits you right in the guts. I firsimg_0448t wanted to describe it, but I guess you have to see for yourself. I mean, just look at it! Do it! Look at it! God! This cutie really made me smile at that time. You can turn the white side inside and theunicorn-babyblue-sky on the outside and use the box for whatever you like – I personally use them for my velvetines collection.img_3042





The Velvetines come in this red shiny, glossy cartons, each packed up individually.


So I tried the shades – they smell kinda like Vanilla, which I personally find very pleasant, but I know that Vanilla is not everyones cup of tea. The velvetines go on very smooth and do not transfer once dried. They require only minor touchups throughout the day, when you’re eating or kissing or drinking. I personally have dry lips and I find them to dry my lips out even more, if I do not moisturize them before applying. But even Lime Crime itself suggest moisturizing your lips 15 minutes before using the velvetines and if you do so, the finish is soft and smooth as promised.

I was not disappointed when trying out my first velvetine in March 2016. Ever since my collection grew from 3 shades up to 15 velvetines. I love using them almost on a daily basis and I get complimented a lot when wearing them. The darker shades tend to go on kinda streaky if not applying carefully – but hey, just apply with good care on moisturize lips and fall in love with them as I do. I would order them any time and I do not regret purchasing them. Plus they are vegan and cruelty free! So yeah, for me Lime Crime is a definitely love!

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