•Lime Crime Velvetines – Love?•


To be honest, I never heard of Lime Crime before watching one of Melanie Martinez‘ Video for ‚Carousel‘. For those of you, who did not watch it, please go check it out! It really is freakishly good!

Well back to topic. I was drawn to this faded, lilacy, grayish color and googled ‚Melanie Martinez lipstick‘ and this lead me to the web page of Lime Crime (limecrime.com)and I was stunned. The colors they provide where somehow unreal. There were these beautiful red shades, some pinks but also some shades more unusual, like black, blues and gray, deep browns and lilac shades. I also took a look at their Instagram page(Lime Crime Instagram) and I guess I looked through a couple hundred pics before going back to their site. And there I was loosing it…. How do you choose from so much beauty? I guess I spent at least 50 minutes skipping through different shades, trying to picture myself with all these colors…

But I did make a decision and ordered my first 3 shades:

‚Beet it‘ – a deep berry pink

‚Wicked‘- a deep red – that’s the one you can see on the pic above

‚Polly‘ – a pink mauve

I payed 20 $ for each plus shipping, which comes with 10,95 $ extra, since the company’s located in the USA and I’m living in Germany. On the price point may seem a bit high for some people, but these days you pay for almost every liquid to matt lipstick round about 20 $. It may seem a bit risky ordering for 60 $ if you do not know how the product works and if you’d like it, but I took the risk.

I payed via paypal – fast, uncomplicated.

Lime Crime sent my order on it’s way to me, the next day – I could track my order at every time online, which I did enjoy. The delivery came after 5 days, without any complications.

Unpacking was quite an experience for itself. The box in which the products arrive is plain white, unnoticeable at first, but when you open up – boom! – the unicorn madness hits you right in the guts. I firsimg_0448t wanted to describe it, but I guess you have to see for yourself. I mean, just look at it! Do it! Look at it! God! This cutie really made me smile at that time. You can turn the white side inside and theunicorn-babyblue-sky on the outside and use the box for whatever you like – I personally use them for my velvetines collection.img_3042





The Velvetines come in this red shiny, glossy cartons, each packed up individually.


So I tried the shades – they smell kinda like Vanilla, which I personally find very pleasant, but I know that Vanilla is not everyones cup of tea. The velvetines go on very smooth and do not transfer once dried. They require only minor touchups throughout the day, when you’re eating or kissing or drinking. I personally have dry lips and I find them to dry my lips out even more, if I do not moisturize them before applying. But even Lime Crime itself suggest moisturizing your lips 15 minutes before using the velvetines and if you do so, the finish is soft and smooth as promised.

I was not disappointed when trying out my first velvetine in March 2016. Ever since my collection grew from 3 shades up to 15 velvetines. I love using them almost on a daily basis and I get complimented a lot when wearing them. The darker shades tend to go on kinda streaky if not applying carefully – but hey, just apply with good care on moisturize lips and fall in love with them as I do. I would order them any time and I do not regret purchasing them. Plus they are vegan and cruelty free! So yeah, for me Lime Crime is a definitely love!

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