Lash Out

For those of you, who are blessed with beautiful,curved, long lashes… Good for you and I probably hate you a little bit… No, I’m just kidding. I’m happy for you aaaand a little jealous, there’s no lying about it.

I do have normal lashes, they’re not very long or extremely curved and they are so light, without mascara I look like I do not have any at all. And there is nothing wrong with that, but we all love these luscious lashes… At least the women out there. I’ve experienced, that  man tend to like it more natural and hate falses (when they know your lashes are fake). My boyfriend for example hates it, when I’m putting on my fake lashes.

So for so many years I only used mascara on my lashes, sometimes a lash curler, but mostly mascara. And I tortured the shit out of them. I used 3 different mascaras to achieve a look I somehow liked with my lashes. First I had to put on a coat of my L’Oréal Paris False Lash Superstars – I loved the white coat, really! It made my lashes longer and kinda thicker. And then I put on a coat of the L’Oréal Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara and topped that with a Coat wit the L’Oréal Mega Volume Collagen 24h. Quite a procedure to be honest and the result wasn’t as pleasing as I wished it would be. But I found my lashes way too small to create beautiful makeup looks.

A few months ago I switched to be Benefit Roller Lash, everyone’s raving about. And I was very pleased with it. It does part my lashes nicely, and they seem kinda curled and longer. But that was not was I was looking for…. I want them big, bold lashes!

So I tried it… I really dig into fake lashes and bought two pairs of falses, although I tried them once as a teen and hated them, mostly because I was to stupid to apply them. And so I looked up what these amazing beauty gurus on youtube tend to do, to make them stick to your stupid eyeball and one of my favorite youtuber Mykie (Glam and Gore Youtube Channel) explained it so freakishly good, that even I felt confident to glue me some lashes on. It was a tough cookie to be honest. The first time the freaking lash glue got all over my hands and everything I touched got attached to me (yay… at least this time :D). But I tried, and tried, and tried, and tried and tried… and they looked amazing! I fell in love. It’s like I’ve seen the holy grail on my freaking face. Everything I knew was erased, because only this mattered: My eyes looked so good with this freaking lashes!!!

But I hate putting them on. I wish there was a magical way of making them stick to my face without all the struggle. I’m getting better at it, don’t get me wrong, but this stupid fumbling around my eyeball makes me uncomfortable. And sometimes the lash glue won’t stick around the inner corner of my eyes – I’ve tried trimming them, I’ve tried bending them, while letting the lash glue get tacky… but sometimes these stupid things won’t last… I mean why? That’s just not fair. I’m seeing all these beautiful pictures of beauty gurus and I am really wondering if they are experiencing troubles applying fake lashes as us normal human beings sometimes? It would be such a comfort to know they are ;D

And my final question is? Do we need to put ourself through this struggle? Do we need to glue on some fake hair, when we do have our own? Okay, clearly not! But once you started, it’s hard to quit (oh god, I sound like an addict…). I believe that eye makeup looks so much better with some good lashes. They compliment our looks, they can change a whole style and you can change it, daily. That’s something I really like. I’ve thought about getting lash extensions like my sister did or some of my colleagues at work. But after hearing and witnessing how their lashes fall out when it’s time to fill them in again and even pulling parts of eyelashes from their clothes myself I don’t think it’s very appealing – at least not for me. I find it easier to glue me some lashes on, and just remove them when I’m feeling like it. And there are so many beautiful options out there to create some magical looks. So yes.. I am a lash addict!



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