Blend or Brush?

Remember the 90’s, when you applied most of your makeup with your fingers and sometimes with the spongy thing your eyeshadow pallets provided you? I know you do, cause I clearly remember it, like it was yesterday. There were not that many options in applying makeup… my freaking fingers were my beauty blender and brush, all in once. And it came so pricey… I mean hello? You were born with your supplies. But thank god, that times are over and makeup world provides us with so many options to look flawless every day.

And today I want to introduce you to my go to products, when it comes to put on my face:15170811_1133703583380088_3429064999312975702_n-2

Here we have my Zoeva 125 Strippling Brush (14,50 €) and my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (around 6 €). Okay, my beauty blender has seen better days, I know. I need to get a new one 😀

I first tried the Zoeva Brush for applying my foundation and it does a very good job in spreading it over the face. I feel like its picking up a lot of product, and that I need slightly more, when using the brush over the blender and you really have to tap, instead of brushing to provide the brush streaks across your face. But it gives a nice finish and was my go to for a long time.

But then… Oh my god, I discovered the holy grail of applying makeup. I did not purchased the original Beauty Blender because it was to pricey in my opinion. I didn’t want to spend 20 €, so I tried some of the drugstore products and the once I could get a grip on in my local drug store disappointed me to be honest. They soaked the foundation in and left me with a patchy finish. And then I ran across these Real Techniques one and I was skeptical, because they aren’t that expensive and I never heard of them before, but I thought I give it a try. I mean, what the hell right? 6 € isn’t that much to spend on it. And really for this price point I must admit, it is the bomb! I love the finish it gives me, they are easy to clean and do what they are supposed to. And I like the shape. The flat end is perfect for spreading the foundation and the small tip end is perfect for under your eyes. They are perfect for baking as well, so I really recommend these. I do not have the comparison with the original Beauty Blender and I am planing to get myself one, just to get a clue if it’s worth the hype and because I really am curious if there is a difference to the Real Techniques one.

Overall I like both ways to apply makeup, but I am more drawn to use the beauty blender, because the finish is nicer in my opinion and it’s much more versatile.

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