The POREfessional


Benefit Cosmetics really changed my makeup-game and I quickly fell in love with this makeup brand. I life and breathe for the „Hola Bronzer“ and the „Roller Lash“ – I use them on a daily basis and was never disappointed. And as I saw everyone talking about the Porefessional and how it works magic I had to try it. I just had to!

The thing with primers is, that I do not really like them that much. I don’t like the consistency and the feeling and finish the most of them leave on my skin. But I definitely need them, because I have a bad skin. I break out very quickly, if using the wrong products and am having a very sensitive, dry skin with some big ass pores. So yeah, a product which minimizes my pores comes in quiet handy and is necessary.

I’ve heard some mixed reviews about this primer. Some really swore it made their pores disappear and some said that this primer is so overrated and does nothing at all. But makeup products are tricky. I personally think you have to try the things for yourself, because everyone is different and for some people the most hyped things just don’t work and others do. So clearly I got one.

I found this small tube to be quiet expensive – I paid 34 € for 22 ml (0.75 oz). The packaging is cute, there’s no doubt. Almost all the Benefit products come in a retro packaging and so those this. I loved the idea that it was packed and advertised like some kind of superhero. The primer itself is nude and has a pasty consistency. There are a lot of primers out there with a milky consistency, but this one is just like a paste. Therefore I find it harder to spread over your face. You have to tap it on your skin with your fingers, which I do not really like. I wished it was easier to apply, because the whole tapping things costs me so much time. The nude tone of the primer melts with your skin, so you can’t see it after applying. But if you did not tap it in properly and you’re swiping across your face the leftovers of this primer crumble and you have shreds of primer across your face and then you have to remove them first before applying anything else. Definitely a downside. After using the primer you can put on your makeup as usual.

So I tried this primer a couple of times and I have to admit, I do not like it that much. It does minimize my pores a tiny bit, but I expected more. My skin isn’t softer of smoother and my makeup didn’t last longer with the primer. I tested it on well hydrated skin, on different occasions but result was always the same. Maybe if your skin isn’t as problematic as mine the results are more pleasing. But I wouldn’t purchase it again. I’m going to use it up, because it would be a pity to just throw it away, but this won’t be my number one go to primer. I love Benefit, I really do, but this product just didn’t work for me in a way a high end product should work for me.

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