Babydecke zum selber machen 

Hallo ihr Lieben,

heute möchte ich euch eine kleine Anleitung geben, wie ihr die auf dem Bild gezeigte Babydecke stricken könnt. Die Decke ist eine süße Geschenkidee, falls ihr etwas passendes sucht oder ihr könnt sie selbst für euer Baby Stricken, um euch die Zeit zu vertreiben – es ist wirklich einfach. Wer die Rechte und die Linke Masche beherrscht kriegt das locker hin 😃

Was ihr braucht:

  • Einmal natürlich die passende Wolle. Ich empfehle eine dickere Wolle, da sie natürlich wärmt, weicher ist und einfach schöner aussieht. Für Babyartikel empfehle ich euch Wolle mit einem sehr hohen Merinoanteil, da sie sehr weich ist. Ich habe Wolle in der Stärke 5 genommen, ihr könnt natürlich aber auch stärkere Wolle nehmen, dann werden die Maschen größer. Kleinere Stärken gehen auch, aber ich finde, dass man da deutlich mehr Wolle benötigt und es nicht so kuschelig und weich wird. Ich habe für meine Decke 13 Wollknäuel à 50 g genommen – das reicht vollkommen für eine Babydecke, ist aber natürlich variabel je nach Wunsch oder Wollstärke.  
  • 1 Paar Rundstricknadeln in der passenden Stärke (in dem Fall Stärke 5) – ich nehme lieber Rundstricknadeln, da man eine größere Anzahl an Maschen benötigt und sich das auf Rundstricknadeln einfacher verteilen lässt 
  • Einen Notizzettel  

Und nun gehts los:

Ihr fangt erst mal damit an, dass ihr die benötigte Maschenzahl anschlagt – ich habe 144 Maschen angeschlagen

Nun strickt ihr die 1. Reihe (Hinreihe) nur rechte Maschen und in der 2. Reihe (Rückreihe) wiederholt ihr das ganze und strickt ebenfalls nur rechte Maschen. Dies wird nun solange gemacht, bis ihr 16 Reihen voll habt – also Stricken wir 16 Reihen nur rechte Maschen.

Nun beginnt das Muster. Ich empfehle euch, dass separat auf dem Zettel zu notieren. Da ihr jetzt immer wieder von neuem 18 Reihen stricken müsst

Reihe 1: nur rechte Maschen

Reihe 2: 8 rechte Maschen, dann (8 linke Maschen, 4 rechte Maschen) – das was in der Klammer steht wird 10 mal wiederholt, dann 8 linke Maschen und abschließend 8 rechte Maschen

Reihe 3, 5, 7, 9 und 11: werden wie die 1. Reihe gestrickt

Reihe 4, 6, 8, 10 und 12: werden wie Reihe 2 gestrickt

Reihe 13 bis 18: werden nur mit rechten Maschen gestrickt

Das ist quasi das Muster und die Reihenfolge von Reihe 1-18 wird nun so oft wiederholt, bis ihr zufrieden seid mit der Länge der Decke. Ich habe diesen Musterablauf insgesamt 13 Mal gemacht, ihr könnt dass aber natürlich nach Belieben anpassen.

Nachdem ihr das letzte Mal das Muster bis zur 18. Reihe fertig gestrickt habt, strickt ihr noch mal 10 Reihen nur rechte Maschen und schließt eure Decke ab – und damit seid ihr fertig! 

Ich sagte ja, es ist super einfach und für eigentlich jedem machbar! 😃 Das Muster ist schlicht aber schön und dadurch das ihr die Farben der Wolle wählen könnt, wie es euch beliebt passt es sowohl für Mädchen als auch für Jungen. Ihr könnt aus der Babydecke natürlich auch eine Decke für Erwachsene machen, müsst eben nur mit der Maschenzahl und Länge variieren.

Viel Spaß!

What’s on my face?

Today I’m gonna break down what I used to achieve a certain look. And today’s look is going to be:

Look 1

Just to be clear, this is a everyday look for me, and I feel you, if you think this is way too much makeup on a daily basis. And it’s okay if you don’t like to smash this much on your face. Makeup should be something you’re comfortable with and you’re supposed to have fun. You don’t need it, and if you’re not into it, it’s totally okay. But keep in mind, everyone is different and you should feel good with the things you’re doing. And if you like to cake your face, go for it. If you’re a mascara girl only, go for it. Just do you and be happy. 🙂

So enough babbling… Here’s what’s on my face.



  • Cetaphil Crème Hydratante – this is a Creme I got in my Glossybox a couple months ago and first I was kinda skeptical using it, but it is really good for dry skin. It dries pretty quick and there’s no weird smell to it. I believe you can get it in your pharmacy, at least in Germany
  • for my undereyes I use a creme with dexpanthenol to keep everything hydrated
  • Guerlain L’Or – a wonderful base with real gold flakes. A bit pricey, but a little goes a long way



  • For Foundation I mix two foundations to achieve the perfect combination for me. The two foundations I mix are both by Lancôme. The first one is the Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation. This one is supposed to stay on 24h has a high coverage and is supposed to don’t need touch ups oh and it’s oil-free. I’m in the shade 01. And the second one is the Miracle Air de Teint Foundation in Shade 02. This one is more fluid, feels ultra light on the skin and is barely noticeable. The coverage is pretty weak, but you can build it up.
  • For contour I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit in Light. I use the shades Neutral and Java. But to get a sharper Contour I use Java from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit Light to Medium on top, because it sticks to the creamy consistency and enhances it.
  • The Benefit Hoola lite Bronzer is my go to bronzer at the moment. I love it for fair skin. If you’re a little more tan than me, you can use the Benefit Hoola.
  • Blush: Manhatten Powder Rouge Tender Touch in Fresh Peach
  • As a highlighter I use a couple to be honest. But all are provided by the Anastasia Beverly Hills Gleam Glow KitI use Mimosa on top of my cheek bones, Starburst on my cupids bow and Crushed Pearl on the bridge of my nose.
  • To set my makeup I used Laura Mercier’s Translucent Powder 
  • As concealer for my under eyes I used the Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Effect in Light
  • To Finish it off, I’ve used MAC Prep+Prime F+ – Finishing Mist



As mentioned in my previous blog post „Everyday Favourites Part II – Brow Products“, I have a combo for brows that I use everyday. And that’s the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Ebony and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Dark Brown. To fix my brows I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel



I’ve used two pallets to achieve this look, but to just tell you which colors I used would be kinda weird, so I snapped a photo of my pallets (excuse me, they are used and they look that way 😀 ).

The first one is the MAC Mellow Moderns Palette

mellow modern

So from top left to bottom right, here are the colors: Beaded, Goldmine, Chains of Love, Cork, Persuade, Retrospeck, Greensmoke, Felt, Print, Carbon, Orb, Luscious, Soft Brown, Trax and Plummed.

The second palette is the Lime Crime Venus PaletteThe names of the shadows are printed on there, so I’m not gonna tell you the names 😀


Before even putting on a shadow, I used the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Soft Ochre. this is a good eyeshadow primer and I use it every day.

I did a cut crease look with a glitter border. So on my crease I used Soft Brown (Mellow Modern), topped it Cork (Mellow Modern) and then I used Venus (Venus Palette) on the outer corner of my crease I used Muse (Venus Palette). To darken out the outer corner of my crease a bit more I used Icon (Venus Palette). The key is to blend everything so damn carefully and precise. This takes time, so if you’re in a hurry, please don’t to a cut crease. After everything is blended nicely, I took my Paint Pot in Soft Ochre again and „cut“ the crease. After my crease looked sharply cut I put on Retrospeck on my lid, but before I put on the shadow I sprayed my brush with Fix+ Spray. This helps to bring out the foiled look of the eyeshadow. On my lower lashline I put basically the same shadows I used in my crease, just not that intense.

Then I did my winged liner as usual. I first put on a gel liner (Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24 h in Blackand then I top it of with a coat of liquid eyeliner to make it more intense. As you can see, I enhanced the liner in my inner corner. On my waterline I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Darkside Waterproof Gel Liner. This liner ist the best for the waterline, because it does not smudge and does not leave you with panda eyes.

I put on a coat of mascara – Nyx Curvaceous Lush Lashes Mascara and of course there had to be some fake lashes. I used the Daisy Blooming Lashes by Kiss ProductsAnd I love to put a Coat of Mascara on top, to make it more dramatic. There I used the L’Oréal Mega Volume Collagene 24 h Black Smoke Mascara.

And then I put on a thin line of glitter to divide my crease from my lid. My weapon of choice for this one is the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eye Liner in Glam Rock.

And here’s the finished look! Hope you enjoyed it.- Have a wonderful evening!

Look 2

On my lips I have Limecrime Lulu Velvetine

Grunge me up


If asked, what comes to your mind when hearing the words „grunge“, a lot of people are going to drop things like: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, dirty, angry, frustrated, acting like you don’t care (though you probably do), cynical outlooks, resisting the urge to follow every trend there is and you could lead this list on and on.

But Grunge isn’t just a view on life, music or attitude – it became a fashion statement. Everyone, simply everyone out there knows the oversized flannel shirts, band tee’s, ripped jeans, boots, beanie looks. We’ve been there, we’ve seen it, we probably do it ourself. I am for sure, though I’m not adjusting my whole wardrobe to grunge. My grunge commitment is rather placed in the makeup department. I love me some grungy makeup.

Wait?… Grungy makeup? What does that mean? Well hello there, I got you! I’m going to tell you a few things about my favorite way to paint on my face. Just to be clear, it may not be the things everyone consider as grunge and some may have different opinions on that subject, which I do appreciate and respect, so please do respect my. And here you go with my little grungy twist.

First of all! Try to avoid looking super tan. It helps looking a little fairy – and believe me, I got this covered in a very special way. 😀

Grungy makeup tend to be in darker colors around the eyes, but in a dirty way – forget your classic smokey eyes – smudge the dark reds, maroons, browns or some blacks around your eyes. Dare yourself to drag it down. It has to look like you didn’t sleep the whole night. Don’t forget the black eyeliner – pack it on! But try to avoid a heavy wing. It’s not about glitter, not about shine. Try to keep the eyes matt.

The thing with the eyebrows… You can keep your brows unplucked, natural and undone but I do not like this option to be honest. Back in the 90s everyone had this thin brows, plugged to death – I got them myself for a long time. But in times with all these Cara Delevingne brows and the Instagram brows filling our screens day by day no one seems to like them anymore. And I do not like them myself. What were we thinking back then? Why did we do this to our faces? I don’t know anymore. Well bak to the brows. I like to fill in my brows, for I have very light, small brows which look ridiculous with any makeup look.

For lips pick up some of the darkest shades you have. If you do not wish to take such a huge risk, try your darkest nude color. I prefer dark, deep reds or browns. Some pick up a black lipstick, but since I’m wearing the grungy makeup on a daily basis almost, I pick something more suitable for work and life. But you do your thing, go ahead. Dirty red shades work perfectly fine as well. Nothing too shiny, nothing to pretty and clean please

Some say the grunge makeup may look a little sickening and the people look like they’re on crack or haven’t slept in days. This may be true, if you’re not careful in applying. I guess the things you see these days in grunge makeup and what I myself prefer is called the ‚modern grunge‘. It has these grungy vibes, but looks cleaner, without looking too clean – if you know what I mean 😉

This may not work for everyone out there, which I do get. But dare yourself and try it out. I’d love to hear your opinion about grungy makeup, so feel free to leave a comment down below.



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